Wisdom from the East and West: a Global Dialogue

The 2016 International Sound Therapy Conference Retreat, brings together this year, a wide global compass, in the Sound Therapy arts.

Our conference theme " Wisdom from the East and West: a Global Dialogue " features speakers who have dedicated long years to teaching, research, and the presentation of live therapeutic performance.

The conference is broken into 2 parts: daily academic workshops, and evening live performances that showcase sound therapy for group settings. This offers a rich heterogeneity of valuable information for today's sound therapist, and augments the techniques a sound therapist can deploy. The emphasis of this conference is education, and bringing together speakers that you would normally have no access to. The importance of reaching beyond the confines of one's own culture, allows an opportunity to enhance the personal experience of learning; diversifying one's interpretations.

Following in the footsteps of our last conference, we will feature local speakers or live artists as a way of supporting their efforts in their local communities, and once again we will devote an entire day to women working in the field of Sound Therapy. This combination of diversity, is seldom seen at this level of event.

Once our schedule is posted, you will see that there are no concurrent sessions, our speakers and presenters have an overwhelming level of experience, and that the emphasis is to bring to the table, the wisdom of both East and West, in a series of dialogues and live performances.

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